Bak leads team to the playoffs with class


Frank Bak missed graduation for the team so they could qualify for playoffs and they MADE IT!! winning 2-0.  U18s havent done that in a while.  The boys have worked so hard and tney all sacrificed this spring and gave up proms and stuff for the TEAM!!  Its a great statement for Sockers and the commitment it takes to be a playoff team!!

Frank will always be remembered for his committment to his team!!!  My kid said he would have done the same and i expect most would too!!  Thats what Academy kids are made of ... they Love the game and give it and team ALL they have!!

The boys, and Frank, deserve some kudos!!   All the parents hummed the graduation tune too!!  Lots of laughter, smiles, and fun!!    All the parents are so proud of this team!!! 




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