Sockers FC has build a national reputation for excellence and dedication to the development of American soccer players. The Club has been a national soccer force for more than 25 years. Its U.S. Youth Soccer Association U-16 title in 1995 was the first national youth title for Illinois in 40 years. Sockers FC is the only Illinois club to win 3 USYSA boys national titles. Sockers alums among many, include Jonathan Spector, the youngest American to start in the English Premier League, and Mike Fisher, the former two times Hermann Trophy winner.

The Club has been successful on the professional and senior amateur levels as well. “Chicago Sockers were an American team, founded in 1995. The team was a member of the United Soccer Leagues, played at a professional level in the USISL Pro League, USISL Select League and USISL D-3 Pro League. The team was one of the most successful teams in the late 1990, winning three national titles, reaching two divisional playoffs, and getting to both the quarterfinal and semi final of the US Open Cup after which the team left the league despite them being the reigning champions.”

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In 2001 the Sockers joined one of the top men’s amateur league in the United States, the Metropolitan Soccer League in Chicago. As part of the Club’s player development scheme the competition in the league provides the best youth players with year around opportunity to play at the senior level and gain valuable experience.

A close observation of the club’s players, coaches and support staff reveals an organization dedicated to total player development, both on and off the playing fields.  In addition to having outstanding soccer talent Sockers FC exemplifies extraordinary leadership qualities and high degree of personal character.  Players are expected to adhere to tough standards of discipline and are asked to give their best to the game whenever they play.

Here are their accomplishments!

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