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“When I think who we are today, I think we are a player-centered club. We have the goal of trying to launch our players to the next level, to push them to the next level.  Our teams are formed with this goal in mind." 

"In the past, we had a team concept, bringing players together to form teams only. We formed these teams and tried to perform and accomplish things, ultimately to push the club to the next level. We then re-evaluated, and looked at our competitive arenas;  US Soccer Development Academy, NPL (National Premier League) and MDL (Midwest Development League).   We are proud to be playing in these leagues.”

“When you look internally at the environments we have created like development leagues, festivals, intra club events, college showcase, college combines and the Youth Foundation to support kids; these are all player centered initiatives. All these environments help to form who we are today! We have grown and developed as a club and also as coaches and leaders."

"We appreciate that every kid only gets one opportunity at being a youth soccer player. We want that experience to be one that has all the values we have listed earlier (click here), so they can look back and remember that they had the best chance to be their best self during that time.”

“These goals and objectives draw people towards what we are doing; you can see that now by how we have increased our locations and membership. We are building relationships with people that are working towards our common values and goals in a player-centered way”.


David Richardson, President and Technical Director. 

Club Interview on September 8th 2012. 

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