Sockers FC has established values that have set our club apart from other programs. We accomplish this by developing and instilling these values into our players, teams and coaches to move in one direction and to become "more than just a club". 

Accountability - to yourself and others around you.

Commitment - to have the discipline to train, learn and perform to the best of your ability.

Pursuit of excellence - regardless of age and ability.

Respect - towards team mates, the game, referees, opponents and all coaching staff.

Within the organization, the nurtured players direct their own commitment level, which always exceeds expectations.

There is generally a major misconception when it comes to any sport at an elite level. Most people believe that you must give up everything else in your life if you want to be at a committed level for your sport.  The Sockers program is not controlled by this misconception.

Once the team aspect (at the appropriate ages) is introduced and understood, players naturally make the commitment to better themselves and push their team further. The environment within the Sockers community; including players, teams, parents, and coaches, provides a level of accountability that leaves the necessity of commitment unstated – the players take it upon themselves. 

Once this transpires, there is an allowance for players to have the chance to foster their own development to better help their team.

There is no greater reward for the coaching staff than to see their players beginning to coach themselves to greatness.  This is the final step of becoming a true student of the sport, which is the ultimate goal for every athlete that passes through this program.

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