Sockers FC program, follows a research that is a proven and adapted approach to player development. Twenty-five years of experience, hard work and collaboration of good practice has helped 1000's of players graduate and progress into college and professional teams either playing or teaching.

Sockers FC operates as an educational model and players are placed individually into classes either by soccer year or birth year. Players practice, play and scrimmage 11 months a year, only taking vacation for Thanksgiving, Holidays, Spring and Summer breaks mirroring a school. Sockers FC believes players need stability and consistency, therefore players train completely through the outdoor and indoor seasons.

The following informative brief descriptions introduce each of our curriculums:

U7-9 |  Motor Skill, Emotional and Technical Development.

U10-11 |  Individual Technique and Strategy

U12-14 |  Individual Technique and Group Tactics

U15-18 |  Individual Technique and Team Development

Style of Play

"Playing attacking soccer and controlling the game with positioning, possession and pressure."

Immediately when entering the Sockers program, players are slowly taught how to play the Sockers brand of soccer. All teams are taught to play within the same scheme and style. Every player is taught the finer details of this definition as they progress through curriculum.


Sockers FC teaches within three conceptual coaching methods, staff members are developed and educated weekly on the following:

Demonstrations | Directing players' attention to the action effects.

Practice conditions | More dynamic small-sided games and less grid and drill practices.

Problem solving skills | Learning through guided discovery offers advantages in developing game intelligence.

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