Sockers FC is one club with a choice of training locations so players can train and develop close to home within the same curriculum's and practices. Until the ages of Regional and National competition players can individual develop as players within a stable and structured environment. Curriculum's and education follows the same operation in all locations.

Training locations provide full programming from 7-18 girls and boys players. Each player is taught and experiences the Sockers curriculum parallel to players in other training locations. Players have the opportunity to train with convienance alongside other players of their age groups. 

At the younger ages, players are rostered with the similar training location players for games in the outdoor seasons. During Development Leagues and specific tournaments players can be rostered with players from the whole club.

At the older age groups as Regional and National competition comes into play players have the opportunity to join other similar rostered players for practices and training together before competition.

Training locations of choice:

Crystal Lake | McHenry

Naperville | Wheaton

Schaumburg | Palatine

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