U12-14 Program




U12-14 |  Individual Technique and Group Tactics

This program is vital in shaping the player to become a force on the soccer field. Individual elements are now affected by team mates and decisions. A group focus takes center stage and how the team is used to find solutions on the field that individuals can not due to game dynamics. Principles of attacking and defending help shape the player to find success on the field. Soccer development is still the primary focus; winning and physical abilities are secondary.


Group tactics and decision making; defending & attacking

Individual technique and motor skill development. 

Players are inspired to hard work and movtiated to be their best.

Staff help players build a love for the game. 


Players participle x4/3 times per week  (practice, scrimmage play, games).

11 month program.

Development leagues, state and regional play

NISL iwslnwdevacahor ECNL US Club Soccer Midwest Developmental League National Premier Leagues

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