Q & A with Bielic after return from U14BNT Trip to Spain

  1. Q: What did your days consist of?
    A: Most of my days consisted of 1 to 2 trainings, academic time and group meetings. We had 3 games that week and watched 2 La liga games. We also visited the whole city of Madrid.
  2. Q: How was the overall competition against teams played?
    A: The competitions were very competitive. It was difficult getting used to the playing style and the speed of play of the Spanish teams, but overall the competition was a great experience.
  3. Q: What experiences during this trip will help you succeed at the club level?
    A: The decision making helped me a lot from the experience of the trip. I learned that it is key to know what you will do with the ball before you receive it. This will definitely help me succeed in the club level.
  4. Q: What prior club experience would you say help you on this trip?
    A: Coach Richardson scheduled a lot of practices the week before my departure for the trip. I worked on a lot of passing and decision making so that I was prepared and well trained before my trip.
  5. Q: What advise would you give your teammates who aspire to play at this level?
    A: For advice for my teammates, I would say to never stop training and when you do train, put in the most effort you can. Never stop believing in yourself and you will become the best soccer player u can be.
  6. Q: What are things you learned on this trip that you will like to continue to work on?
    A: I learned that since I was playing with kids from all over the U.S, I needed to adapt to there playing style. This made me want to improve my coachability and my transformation from one style of play to another.
  7. Q: What was the soccer atmosphere like in that region of the world?                           A: The atmosphere was very intense because soccer is there number one sport. The speed of play was very fast and smart.





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