Tim Bielic (Sockers U12 Boys) visits Manchester United


On March 10th, Timothy Bielic of the U12 Boys shared his experience from his recent trip to Manchester United, in England to participate in the World Skills Competition Finals were he placed in the top 5 of the group of 30 kids selected from over 6000 kids from all over the world.  

This event is held in Manchester every year.  Each Participant gets a tour of Manchester United first team's training facility, participate in the World Skills competition, play on the famous Old Trafford pitch, attend a Premier League game, and also a possibility of watching some Manchester United Academy matches

(In Tim's words)

I am sharing this experience with you because I was competing in the World Skills Finals 2012 for Manchester United.

Tour of Manchester United Training Facility

The first place I went to was the Manchester United Training Grounds.This is the place I met Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Alex Ferguson. I was really excited to meet all of them and even get their autographs. After I met them, I went outside to watch them practice. Next I waited in a meeting room. There were thirty different kids and every kid was from a different country.

The next fun place we went to was Old Trafford. We went there to get a tour of the whole stadium. I was really excited. I went there because it was really cool seeing how big it was and also seeing the museum. We saw the teams locker room and the top of the whole stadium. Being at the top of the stadium was cool because you can see everything.

Participate in the World Skills competition

After the tour we went back to the training grounds to compete in the competition. I thought I did really good on all of the challenges. All of the challenges were hard. The challenges were passing, juggling, shooting and dribbling.

Playing on the famous Old Trafford pitch, and attending a Premier League game

The last place I visited was Old Trafford again to see Manchester United play against Stoke City. Right before they started we got to play on the field for 20 mins. Then we watched the game. This was very exciting and fun to watch. I heard everyone cheering and singing on Manchester United for the win. At the end, my dad and I were really excited we got to experience this adventure. I had lots of fun and a memory that will last forever.

Pictures from the trip




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